The introduction of High Security Registration Plate (HSRP) was made mandatory vide amended Rule 50 of the Central motor vehicles rules, 1989 on 28-03-2001 by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highway (MoRTH) vide various notification No. from time to time as mentioned below :

  • GSR 221 (E) dated 28.03.2001
  • SO 814 (E) dated 22.08.2001
  • SO 938 (E) dated 24.09.2001
  • SO 1041 (E) dated 16.10.2001
  • SO 499 (E) dated 09.05.2002
  • SO 59 (E) dated 21.1.2003
  • SO 1450 (E) dated 22.12.2003
  • SO 1407 (E) dated 23.12.2004
  • SO 49 (E) dated 13-01.2005
  • SO 883 (E) dated 12.06.2006
  • SO 2091(E), dated 16.09. 2011
  • SO 1140(E), dated 24.04.2014
  • SO 298 (E), dated 29.01.2016
  • MoRT&H letter No.: RT-11028/5/2002-MVL, dated: 04.09.2002
  • MoRT&H letter No.: RT-11028/5/2002-MVL, dated: 20.06.2011
  • Rule No. 50 and 51 of Central Motor Vehicle Rule 1989


  • Shall be made of aluminum conforming to DIN 1745/ DIN1783
  • Should be laminated by Reflective sheeting
  • Should have Chromium Based ‘Chakra’ design Hologram
  • Should have a permanent consecutive laser branded identification number.
  • Should have embossed Border and characters.
  • Embossed borders and characters should be hot stamped using a Black Foil bearing ‘INDIA’ Security inscription.
  • Would also include (where required) a Third registration plate in form of a sticker that shall be pasted on the wind shield of the vehicle.
  • Should be affixed using non-removable, non- reusable Snap Locks.
Reflective Sheeting

Reflective Sheeting

HSRP will have high quality retro reflective sheeting which is laminated and embossed. This sheeting provides excellent conspicuity during day time and offer high reflectivity in the night. By virtue of reflective sheeting the vehicle is visible from a minimum distance of 200 meters in night.

Chromium based hologram

Chromium Hologram

Prevents Counterfeiting. These chromium based holograms are Hot-Stamped on the Registration plate to withstand the inclemency of the weather for many years; the hologram carries the image of ’CHAKRA’ as notified by the Govt. of India.

Laser etched Identification Code

Laser etched Identification Code

This is engraved on the left hand side just below the words IND with laser. This is a sequential identification of individual license plates across the country. It is laser engraved below the top surface of the reflective sheet and hence cannot be erased. This number is attached to the existing data of a particular vehicle in the Govt’s Database. This number also helps in verifying the genuineness of the plate.

Embossed Characters with Security Inscript

Embossed Characters with Security Inscript

The embossed Alpha-Numerals and Borders are Hot-stamped with this special Black coloured foil on which ‘INDIA’ is inscripted. There is no need to paint or screen-print the Registration plate after application of this special foil. This foils adds to the security against counterfeiting.

Third License Plate sticker on wind screen

Third License Plate sticker on wind screen:

This is a self-destructive, adhesive sticker with Chromium based hologram which is pasted on wind screen. It contains all information pertaining to a vehicle like :

  • Name of the Registering Authority
  • Registration Number
  • Chassis Number
  • Engine Number
  • Front and Rear Laser ID code
Snap Lock

Snap Lock

The snap lock is the external fastening device replacing the normal bolting procedure for the License Plate to the vehicle body. Once the HSRP is installed using snap lock, it cannot be removed unless the snap lock is destroyed.


500 x 120 mm
340 x 200 mm
340 x 200 mm
340 x 200 mm


Celex is extremely proud of an illustrious track record of utmost customer satisfaction in successful implementation of High Security Registration project in the State of West Bengal, since 2011.